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Creating justice through storytelling, legal advocacy, and policy development.

My publications: From Op-eds to Columns

I have published over 30 articles in over 10 publications. Below are just a few examples of my work:

Earned Media: I have been featured in many news articles in various publications. Here are a few examples:

Disability Pride: The High Expectations of a New Generation

"Ariella Barker, who was born with spinal muscular atrophy, says people often assume that disability civil rights laws provide an advantage they do not."

Harvard Kennedy School

Always an advocate

"Ariella Barker MC/MPA 2020 has been fighting battles for herself and others since childhood—now she will work where litigation meets policy."

The Harvard Gazette

Returning to fight for disabled workers rights

"Ariella Barker has been advocating for herself and others since childhood — now she will work where litigation meets policy"

Long Beach Business Journal

As #MeToo Movement Grows, Greater Light Is Shed On Health Issues Stemming From Sexual And Domestic Violence

"Barker has changed many aspects of her life to protect herself from being attacked again, because it hasn’t happened to her once – it has happened twice. And there have been other near misses."

Boston Jewish

2019 ROI Summit Hosts Four Boston-Based Participant

"Barker said one of the most powerful exercises at the summit was to write her obituary. 'Writing my obituary was powerful for me,' she said. 'I came close to death many times, so it was not theoretical for me. It made me think about the future in a way that was positive and real now that I’m healthy again.'”

The Times of Israel

Jews with disabilities explain how communities fall short on inclusion

"To mark Jewish Disability Awareness and Inclusion Month, Jewish advocates share their thoughts on how the community is doing in terms of including them."

Tikkun Olam Makers by the Reut Group

Tikkun Olam Makers Create Products for the Disabled

"Ariella Barker of Massachusetts has Spinal Muscular Atrophy. Due to her globe-trotting lifestyle, Barker lives in constant concern about her wheelchair becoming damaged or lost during her travels. The TOM make-a-thon students prototyped their 'Power Wheelchair Brace + Carrying Case,' custom for Ariella’s Permobil C400 wheelchair to protecting it as she travels through airports."


The Inherent Sexism of Inanimate Objects

“'Chairs are not made for a woman’s butt and hips,' attorney, former Miss Wheelchair North Carolina and current MPA Candidate at Harvard Kennedy Business School, Ariella Barker, offered."

New York Post

City lawyer turns obscene medical debt into $1B whistleblower case

"The 37-year-old Emory Law grad says she was shocked when the insurers stuck her with a roughly $260,000 bill for medical expenses tied to four hospitalizations between February 2012 and November 2013."

Hopping Mad

Ariella Barker on PwD Advocacy

"We always think our interview guest is going to give us a strong interview but there is no way to predict when an interview is going to be breathtaking. Ariella Barker, advocate and activist for persons with disabilities (PwDs) gave us a truly stunning, erudite and heartfelt interview."

PUSHLiving Podcast

The Triumphant Life of Ariella Barker

"We wanted you to hear the inspirational story of [Ariella's] life because we can all learn from her experience. You’ll be empowered to be your own advocate, and learn how to succeed in trying times when you barely have the strength to fight."

Huffington Post

Woman Raises $30K In One Day By Crowdfunding Medical Expenses

"Guest Ariella Barker shares her story of raising $30,000 online to help pay for her medical expenses."

Yachad: Because Everyone Belongs


"Her passion for justice stemm[s] from her insatiable hunger for the truth."

The Business of Fashion

The Adaptive Fashion Opportunity

"Adaptive clothing is a $350 billion opportunity the fashion industry has largely ignored — until now."

The Mooresville Tribue

MHS Baccalaureate speaker; disability didn’t block her path to success

"Former Mooresville resident [] Ariella Barker, a 33-year-old [] lawyer, author and professor of law, was crowned 2014 Ms. Wheelchair North Carolina on April 5 in Asheville."