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Creating social justice through storytelling, legal advocacy, and policy analysis.

An image of the Supreme Court of the United States with the following text:
An image of The profiles of two people, one of which is red with the elephant symbol in its brain and the other blue with the donkey symbol in its mind with the following text, "Policy Development:I advise political campaigns, governments, organizations, and private businesses on their policies for labor & employment discrimination, disability rights, American-Israeli relations, and civil rights.​"
An image of the profiles of two people with a text bubble of ideas between them with the following test: "Communications Consulting: As a communications specialist, I provide communications consulting services, including press relations training, strategic, crisis, & lobbying communications plans, social justice campaigns, Hollywood diversity initiatives, publication writing, and public speaking.​"
An image of an ink pen writing on paper with the following text, "Ghost Writing: Do you have something important to say but struggle with how to say it? No problem. I can help with that. After a short interview, where I determine your speaking style and the underlying issue, I can write an op-ed for publication under your name."
An image of A man standing at a podium with two microphones facing a crowd with the following script: "Leadership Training: Building a successful campaign and making change requires leadership that will inspire buy-in from others. Using Marshall Ganz' leadership and organizational snowflake method, I can train you and your organization on effective methods for inspiring others to join your mission."